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Instruction for participants

The international Internet-TV contest of jazz improvisation skills «MASTER-JAM FEST GLOBAL JAZZ COMPETITION» doesn’t have any age restrictions. The only requirement – your talent of improviser.

Registration is Free.

1. Register as a Participant of MJF – GLOBAL JAZZ

To register as an applicant you are to fill in the form and note your personal and contact info, including postal address for sending festival correspondence (diplomas etc.), your press-release in the field «About yourself» and other data.

2. Choose a Category (nomination)

Even if you play several instruments, you can register in only one category!

3. Upload Video-Presentations

A registered participant of the MJF selection Internet round can provide up to 3 video-recordings. It is important that your videos show your ability to improvise in a variety of jazz styles. It is not the quality of the video-presentations assessed on the contest, but improvising skills of a participant. However the quality of recordings might influence the perception of compositions and as a result the final evaluation of jury and online-vote for the People’s Choice Award.

ATTENTION, IT IS IMPORTANT! Each video-presentation should not last longer than 3 minutes.

After checking the compliance of the submitted files with the technical requirements, the organizing committee of the festival-contest uploads video presentations to the YouTube channel MJF-Global Jazz.
The festival’s website will create a participant’s page in Russian and English. A link to your profile will be sent by email.

4. Pass to the Final Stage

Currently participants’ video-presentations are being accepted on the website. Jury composition, «MASTER-JAM FEST GLOBAL JAZZ COMPETITION 2021» finalists’ names, date and the venue of the Festival Final will be announced later.

Travel, accommodation, feeding expenses during the final round as well as getting acquainted with the «Jazz city»-2021 will be covered from the Festival budget.

Simultaneously with the start of the jury work, online voting for the People’s Choice Award will be opened, and summarizing of its results will coincide with the final round of the Festival.

Pay attention: by the registration in the contest, you agree with the right of the MJF-Global Jazz organization committee to use the provided materials in festival purposes, such as promo records creation, publication of the links on provided photo and video materials press releases   in social networks and etc.

Proving the links on video you confirm that you are the only possessor of rights on these materials and agree with their uploading at the YouTube Channel of the festival.