Carola Zerega
Vocals, Ecuador

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EC, Guayaquil.

Carola Alexandra Villalva Zerega was born in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador. From her childhood she liked music in all its manifestations. Several years ago she understood that music is what she really wants to do.In her performing manner Carola combines the style of Latin folk songs and swing pulsation of true jazz. Her first solo concert took place in 2007 in her native city. That time she performed as a member of "Jj jazz" quartet at the big stage of "Platforma del MAAC Guayaquil" within the 2nd festival Guayaquil Jazz Project with great success.Carola Zerega participated in the Second Jazz Day celebration in Odessa (Ukraine); in festivals “Soso Jazz” in Yuzhniy (Ukraine) city twice, “Playing Jazz” in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) and “Jazz Carnival” in Odessa. She performed within Alexey Petukhov solo concert on the stage of Odessa Philarmony. She is a soloist of big band conducted by N. Goloshchapov.

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