Maksim Vostretsov
Bass, Russian Federation

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RU, Rostov-on-Don

He is a musician and a teacher, teaches bass-guitar playing. Maksim was born in Volgograd, graduated from Rostov Arts College in 'Contrabass', from Rostov Governmental Conservatoire in 'Bass-guitar'. International, Interregional and All-Russian jazz contests laureate. Professional musician, composer and all-class performer. He plays different styles: jazz, Latin American music, funk, pop and rock. Also he is a member of the popular rock band 'Chebosa', of the popular around the country rap band 'Kasta' and many others. He has been reiterated participant of the most popular Russian rock festivals, such as: 'The Wings' and 'The Invasion'. Having got an experience of playing in big-band internal forces district, he also worked in Rostov municipal Kim Nazaretov big band. He repeatedly performed in numeral compositions of those who played manifold music in Russia and abroad from pop music to rock and fusion, also he is a member of the 'Goldberg Mashine'.

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