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Alexandra Chesskaya
Vocals, Russian Federation

Alexandra Chesskaya - profile of the participant
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About the participant

RU, Moscow

"I am in love with music and singing from childhood. I listened to various kinds of music, but the first genre I totally fell in love with by starting my studies at Moscow College of Improvising Music, - was Jazz. At that time I had a wonderful chance of singing in "Peek-a-boo" sextet and then later on in the jazzy-disco-funky-soul cover band "The Jamix", that we created with a friend of mine to sing in a duet accompanied by six more musicians, giving gags in Moscow clubs. I love writing lyrics, vocal melodies and collaborating with different musicians. One of the recent collaboration resulted in the track on the debut EP of the band "Analog Attention" (album "City Limits", funk, fusion, jazz). I love improvising and freedom in music."

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