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Seguin Jacques
Trumpet, Canada

Seguin Jacques - profile of the participant
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About the participant

CA, Montreal

Winner of the 2012 R?v?lation Jazz Radio-Canada prize, this Canadian trumpeter and composer of Polish origins is turning heads. Versatile and adventurous, he’s a player who likes to shape up his sound with different outfits: with the ODD LOT ensemble, the Montreal musician blends Eastern European music, jazz and electronica, while in the Litania Project, he marries neoclassical with Northern European jazz. Known for his lyrical as well as his strong modern approach to trumpet playing, Jacques was born and raised in Montreal and fits well its multi-ethnicity. Always reaching for his polish roots Jacques thrives for new ways of approaching the traditional jazz idiom. Inspired by his various collaborations and various pop and classical artists Jacques breaks out from jazz tradition to create the urge for improvisation inside his ensembles. Jacques finds new ways to use the sound of the trumpet as rarely heard before by presenting a program that swings between modernity and tradition.

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